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Construction Work Plan on Load Growth Study

Who needs one?

All Electric Utilities Need a Plan to prepare for Future Load Growth to serve their consumers most efficiently.

Why you need one?

A construction work plan will:

· Determine future growth (residential, commercial, etc.).

· Identify existing problem areas on the system (i.e. load imbalance, overloading, voltage drop, power factor, etc.).

· Determine system improvements necessary to correct any existing problem areas.

· Identify potential problem areas created by projected future growth.

· Determine system improvements necessary to accommodate projected future growth.

How often to have one done?

A construction work plan is required every 2-4 years.


· Ultimately improve efficiency and quality of power provided to the consumers.

· Provide the most cost-effective service to your consumers.

· Help you sleep better on these cold nights because you know your system is prepared for the extra load.

· Increase the lifespan and reliability of equipment.

· Allow you to work hand in hand with some of the most experienced and awesome engineers in the industry.

Contact us today to start your Construction Work Plan. For more information contact Robby O'Dell at or 843.209.1852.

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