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McCall-Thomas Learning Center

We offer over 20 learning and development resources specializing in technical training for both the communications and electrical engineering industry technologies at McT Learning Center. We have educated over 2,000 students. Our instructors are carefully selected and have extensive knowledge combined with "on-the-job" experience. We take pride in helping companies of all sizes. Many classes can be taught on-site at your location. We have a "Design Your Own Class" concept so you design the class that is right for your personnel. We are confident your staff will come away with the acquired knowledge to excel in the area of instruction.


The McT Learning Center is located on the lower level of our headquarters building in Orangeburg, SC. Contact us today regarding your interest and the number of students you would like to educate. We will provide you with a complete list of courses, and work with you to determine the best pricing that fits your needs. Message us today to learn more!


Learning Resources


Educated Students


Classes On-Site or Our Location



Our response time is fast.  

You will be blown away!


Your employees will learn valuable information and have fun while learning.  We make learning fun!


 Employees will earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) when taking courses at McT.

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