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Providing character, service and value since 1945.

McCall-Thomas Engineering is a multi-faceted engineering firm. We have multiple divisions including the Communications Engineering Division, the Electrical Engineering Division, the Electric Utility Service Division, the Electric Field Operations & UAS, MCT Learning Center and the Print Services.


We began as a partnership in 1945 by our founders Arthur E. McCall and Henry C. Thomas, the firm was incorporated in 1947. Operations began in Charleston, SC and relocated to Orangeburg, SC just prior to the third year of operation.

The firm's first clients were electric cooperatives financed by the Rural Electrification Administration. By 1953, McCall-Thomas Engineering was providing services to eleven cooperatives within South Carolina. Several municipal electric systems were added by 1960, and the firm later expanded its practice to include electrical design services for commercial, industrial and governmental concerns. The Electrical Engineering Division continues today with a wide variety of projects and clients in the general area of power distribution and utilization.

The Communications Engineering Division was established in 1952 during the early days of the Rural Electrification Administration's telephone program. By 1960, engineering services were being provided to twenty-two cooperatives and independent telephone companies in three states. Since that time, the number and type of projects, as well as the variety and complexity of services available, have been greatly expanded.

We take great pride in the fact that the firm has established continuing relationships and performed multiple projects with a majority of our clients. We are still providing services to our very first client.

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