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Regulator Servicing

McCall-Thomas Engineering offers Regulator Servicing through our EUSD Department. Routine maintenance is important to maintain regulator integrity, ensure they are operating efficiently, and help extend their equipment life. We have a high-quality repair and maintenance technician team that will provide a quick turnaround on your regulator servicing. With our state-of-the-art testing equipment and decades of industry experience, you can rest assured your regulators are in good hands.

Below are a few services we can provide for your regulator maintenance.

  • Single Phase & Three Phase – Service & Inspections

  • TTR & Winding Resistance Testing for 16R to 16L,

  • Hi-Pot & Megger Testing

  • Factory replacement parts are used

  • Replace all gaskets

  • External capacitor kits installed upon request

  • Oil is replaced

  • Recondition the tank and paint

  • Control panels can be upgraded

Learn more about our Electric Utility Services Division here.

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