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Substation Design & Services

McCall-Thomas provides detailed design engineering of generation, transmission and distribution substations for Electric Utilities and Industrial Customers.

What we do:

Our engineering and technical expertise and guidance will help in the identification, analysis and resolution of problems. Our engineers have proficient practices in addressing and identifying engineering and design

issues. They can evaluate and prepare alternative recommendations for each unique substation project. All engineers are knowledgeable of NEC, NESC, RUS, NERC, and IEEE/ANSI Standards to ensure your project meets all requirements.

As part of our design process we will provide effective planning, organization, estimating, scheduling, and monitoring for all the projects work activities. Our engineers will be responsible for facilitating project work that involves substation layouts, materials, grounding, and protection and control systems (P&C) that are microprocessor based.

We can develop detailed drawings and designs of one-line, three-line, relay panel, and control schematics. Our engineers can also produce power system design studies and analysis catered to your AC & DC Systems.

Our Services:

New Substation

  • Site selection

  • Site design

  • Site layout

  • Construction permits

  • Material Acquisition

  • General Arrangement Drawings

  • Structural Steel Drawings

  • Relay Drawings & Specifications

  • Relay Panel Procurement & Installation

  • Relay Commissioning & Testing

Equipment Replacement & Upgrade

  • Overhead and underground distribution circuit addition

  • High side upgrades – Circuit Switcher & Circuit Breaker

  • Low side upgrades – Conductor & Switch Replacement

  • Transformer Upgrade

  • Control House Addition

  • Full Turnkey Relay Change Outs or Upgrades


  • Comprehensive inspections on safety concerns and maintenance items

  • An estimated budget provided to address safety and maintenance items

  • Relay Testing

  • Oil Testing, Analysis and Recommendations

  • Circuit Switcher, Transformer, Regulator, Breaker & Recloser Inspections Testing and Maintenance

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