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Staking - Construction

McCall-Thomas’s Communication Division offers staking services to assist with any Telecommunication facility construction project. Our staking engineers have the knowledge of numerous types of construction, materials, and equipment that may be required on today’s projects. These include aerial, buried, and underground construction.

What we do:

Our engineers will prepare construction drawings and staking sheets that will allow your company to construct the project. The engineer will visualize the capabilities of personnel and equipment when detailing the construction plan. The construction drawings will take in account the restrictions imposed by the natural terrain, permits, easements, etc.

Completed staking sheets will represent a graphic representation of the existing natural and man-made features. These will include streets, roads, fences, establishments, etc. Then the new cable plant and associated hardware will be integrated into the drawing. These sheets will provide accurate, buildable plans with all project information.

After constructing the staking sheets and drawings the staker will:

1. Contact pertinent permitting jurisdictions. These may include:

  • City Engineers

  • County Commissioners Court

  • Highway District or Area, Engineer’s Office

  • U.S. Forest Service

  • U.S. Corps of Engineers

  • Pertinent Railroad

  • Permitting Office

2. Private Right of Way Arrangements & Easements

3. Attend meetings with public jurisdictions if necessary

4. Schedule out the staking plan and actions upon arriving to the job site

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