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FTTh is likely the most expensive single investment you will undertake!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In an increasingly competitive market, the availability to provide super fast broadband services can play a big part on where members choose to live and businesses decided

to operate.

FTTh Feasibility Study - Ask Yourself

  • Don't you owe it to your members to make certain you have extensively evaluated whether this is the right choice for your Cooperative?

  • Have you already completed already competed a Feasibility Study and are not confident with the results?

  • Have you completed a Feasibility Study and are confident with the results but want to make certain with a second study?

  • Are you willing to risk the reputation of the Cooperative and its Management on a hastily completed Feasibility Study?

FTTh is likely the most expensive single investment you will undertake! You must be fully confident in your results and plans before breaking ground.

McCall-Thomas can help.

McT provides the most comprehensive Feasibility Studies, Engineering, Procurement and Construction for FTTh Projects. We are Engineers first and then and only then proceed to providing the Construction, Material and Management Phases.

To prove whether or not it is in the best interest of the Cooperative and its Members/Owners to proceed with a FTTh Build-Out we will provide and evaluate the following:

  • Develop a "High-Level" fiber network design essential to the most accurate initial cost analysis

  • Multiple Financial Models with various possible take-rates

  • Analysis or existing and future competitors

  • Evaluation of a backbone to full FTTh build-outs

  • Operational Analysis including financial, manpower and equipment

  • AMI Integration

  • Grant Assistance

A high level design similar to what we include in our Feasibility Studies will be the minimum needed to provide for ReConnect or FCC Grants.

READY TO LEARN MORE? Contact our team today to learn how we can help with your FTTh Feasibility Study. Call 803.534.1050 or email Robby O'Dell at

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