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Transmission Services

Our electric division dates to 1945 and we provide design services to transmission and distribution providers in the electric utility industry.Transmission and Distribution customers include electric utilities, cooperatives, and municipalities.

McCall-Thomas offers a collaborative team environment to produce personalized solutions and exceptional results for our clients. Whether it is designing a new transmission line, performing power plant interconnects, or other needs in the power delivery and transmission area. We provided the proven design/build expertise, safety conscious operations, and client-focused design services necessary to win your trust.

Our Services:

Siting and Line routing

System reliability studies

Cost estimating

Environmental impact studies

Structure design

Structure analysis

  • Percent life remaining

  • Percent strength utilized

  • Structure failure

Line design (Power Line Systems model)

  • New lines

  • Line reroutes and rebuilds Solar interconnects

  • Conductor upgrades (high temperature low sag)

  • Fiber optic upgrades

  • Long span replacement

Line and structure inspection

  • Walk the right of way

  • Drone inspection

  • Infrared

  • Corona

Line switch additions

  • Line switch additions

  • Manual GOAB

  • Automated GOAB

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